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  • Antenatal workshop for pregnant people & birth partners

    10 British pounds
  • 6 Week birth preparation course for pregnant women.

    Started Nov 14

    60 British pounds
  • 6 Week birth preparation course for pregnant women.

    Starts Jan 16, 2024

    60 British pounds

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  • For mums with newborn babies up to 16 weeks. Pregnant mums also welcom...


    1 hr

  • For mums with babies over 4 months up 1 year old


    1 hr

  • For mums with babies from 9 months up to 2 years


    1 hr

  • Meet up for Dads with babies and toddlers under 3

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Our online Birth Essentials course is jam packed with useful education, information and tips to help you prepare for birth.

This course will help you understand the stages of labour, how your body births, how to maximise the effectiveness of your contractions, and what your birth partner can do to help.

The course covers the following;

  • How the body births

  • The role of the birth partner

  • How to know when you are in labour

  • Stages of labour

  • Breathing and other comfort measures

  • Pain relief

  • Active birth

  • Induction & other interventions

  • Getting to know your newborn baby and early choices

  • Handy Resources

The course offers the flexibility to access it in your own time at home and complete it at your own pace. Birth partners will also find this course beneficial.

This course is valued at  over £95 but thanks to our generous supporters who are committed to helping us make antenatal education accessible we are able to offer it for just £25.

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