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Frequently Asked

What types of mental health services does your organisation offer families?

Our organisation provides a broad range of mental health services, for families affected by perinatal and infant mental health challenges. Our services include:

  • Psychological therapies (including talk therapy, trauma therapy and VIG).

  • One to one emotional & practical support (including home visiting, advocacy and peer befriending service).

  • Educational & therapeutic workshops & classes.

  • Specialist birth work (including birth preparation, birth doulas and birth trauma recovery).

  • Peer support groups


Who is eligible for your services?

 Generally, our services are available to parents who are experiencing mental health issues that impact their daily functioning during pregnancy or within the first two years of their little one's life. Specific programmes may have additional criteria.


How can I refer a client to your services?

Referring a client is straightforward. You can fill out our online referral form or download and complete a copy of the form from our website and email it to . Please  ensure that you include all relevant client information .​


What information do I need to include in the referral?

Please include the client’s full name, date of birth, their baby's birth date or their due date, contact information, presenting issues, any previous mental health diagnoses, current medications, and relevant medical history. It’s also helpful to include any risk assessments and notes on current treatment plans.


How quickly will my patient be seen after the referral is made?

We aim to contact clients within one week of receiving a referral. The wait time for an initial appointment can vary based on the demand for services, but we strive to see clients within six weeks and  urgent cases are given priority where possible.

Clients are able to access support via our facilitated peer support groups (they can request a one-to-one chat) while they are on our waiting list. They can also request a support call.


What should I do if I need to refer a patient urgently?

We are not a crisis service, if a client needs urgent help please contact the appropriate statutory service or call 111 for NHS assessment. 

We recognise that some of the clients we work with have a particular vulnerability of situation which requires that they are prioritised. If you feel your client requires this, please highlight this and provide as much detail as possible when making the referral.


Can parents self-refer to your services?

Yes, we accept self-referrals. Clients can contact us directly via the self-referral form on our website, phone or via email to initiate the referral process.


What happens after a referral is made?

Once a referral is received, our team reviews the information to determine if the client meets our service criteria. They will then make contact with them to let them know we have received a referral for them , the current waiting time and the support they can access in the mean time. We will then schedule an initial assessment. During this assessment, we will develop a tailored support plan based on the client’s needs and desires for support.

If the client doesn't meet our service criteria or they decline/do not engage with support we will let the referrer know.


How do you handle patient confidentiality?

We adhere to strict confidentiality policies to protect client information. All data is stored securely, and information is only shared with other health professionals involved in the patient’s care with the client’s consent or when safeguarding duties supersede this. Our practices comply with relevant data protection regulations including GDPR.


Do you provide support for the other parent/dads?

Yes, we offer support services for dads/ the other parent, including counselling, educational workshops, and support groups. We believe that involving families in the support process can be beneficial for the client’s recovery and the families overall wellbeing.


What types of training and resources do you offer for health care professionals?

We provide a variety of training  and resources for health care professionals, including workshops and guest speaking on a wide variety of perinatal mental health topics. We also offer a limited number of student placements and shadowing opportunities.  We have a growing resource bank on perinatal mental health and wellbeing resources for professionals. Sign up to our newsletter or keep an eye on our website and social media for upcoming CPD opportunities.


Can I get advice on whether a referral is appropriate?

Yes, our team is available to discuss potential referrals and provide guidance on whether our services are suitable for your client. You can contact us via phone or email to discuss specific cases or get general advice on the referral process.

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