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Specialist Birth 

The emotions we experience during pregnancy, our preparations for birth, the way we deliver our babies, and the care we receive during this time can profoundly impact our feelings, abilities, and mental well-being. Many parents find this journey challenging and can benefit from additional support and therapy to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

We offer a range of specialised support services, which you can access by making a referral.

Antenatal & Birth Education

This support is tailored to your unique needs and can include things like:

  • helping you understand the birth process.

  • teaching you how to use positions and movement for an easier and more comfortable birth.

  • Giving practical skills and techniques birth partners can use to support mum.

  • helping you understand your choices throughout labour and birth.

  • Teaching massage techniques, other comfort skills and birth props

  • Breathing, and relaxation techniques.

  • Methods of pain relief and comfort measures.

  • Medical interventions including induction and C-section birth as well as things you can do for yourself.

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Birth Planning & Preparation

It maybe  that your situation means that you would benefit from support to plan and prepare for your birth.  This can be particularly helpful if you have had for example a previous traumatic birth experience or you are very fearful of giving birth.

We will work with you to help you understand your options, prepare your birth preferences and mentally prepare for birth. and the early days with your baby. 

We work closely alongside the Midwifery service and can help facilitate development of birth plans as well as providing advocacy and support.

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Birth Doula

Our Birth Doulas work as part of small teams to offer emotional support, practical guidance, and a nurturing presence to women and birthing people who due to their situation would benefit from this additional support. 

Our Birth Doula's:

  • Provide one-to-one support from the third trimester of pregnancy.

  • Work with parents to prepare for birth and develop an individualised birth plan

  • Provide emotional, practical and physical support throughout labour and birth

  • Provide support to your partner (if you have one) during the birth too.

  • Advocate to ensure your voice is heard in the decisions that impact your birth experience

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Recovery Therapy

Have you experienced an event, multiple events or a period of time that has really negatively impacted your mental health?

Therapy is effective in helping you to recover if you have had a traumatic experience or multiple traumatic experiences during pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period.

Traumatic events are unique to everyone but could come from:

Birth, miscarriage/baby loss, IVF/fertility journey, breastfeeding/feeding, hyperemisis (pregnancy sickness), postnatal events, neonatal unit, colic/reflux baby and more.

Our experienced trauma therapists will gently work with you using  the best evidenced based therapies for trauma to support you to recover from and process what has happened so you can move forward with your life.

Parent Feedback

“You are the most amazing charity. Unless you have experienced birth trauma, you can't know what it feels like and there was no support for me from NHS here so that was frightening - if you hadn't been here and if I hadn't seen your leaflet in SCBU I don't know what would have happened to me - I felt I was spiralling out of control and you have helped me stop that. I'm so glad I saw that leaflet and got in touch.”
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