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Our Impact
Our impact

Making a lasting difference at the most important time in life....

At Nurture the Borders, we strive to make a profound positive impact on the lives of perinatal families in our community. Over the past few years, our dedication to supporting parents facing mental health challenges has only strengthened, especially in the wake of the cost-of-living crisis. Our multifaceted approach includes a variety of programmes and services tailored to meet the unique needs of each family we support. Our dedicated team and volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide essential services, and the impact of our efforts is evident in the positive outcomes reported by our service users.

It’s vital that we measure the impact we have. It ensures we effectively assess not only the value of our support, but the lasting difference it makes to perinatal mums, dads and their babies. We use a range of outcome meassures (including feedback, client self-assessment, clinical outcome meassures, surveys etc) to evaluate our work. Over the past 9 years this has lead to the developent of a solid, comprehensive evidence base that shows the positive impact of our work.

Highlights from 2023 - 2024

This year's data demonstrates that our support for parents facing perinatal and infant mental health challenges had the following impacts:

95% of Parents  have improved mental health.png
75% had improved  social connection.png
88% move out of the clinical threshold for depression.png
100% who accessed therapy for trauma had decreased distress levels after completing therap
100% would  recommend our service.png
Nurture Support Stories
Hannah's Story.png
From Darkness to Confidence

Hannah's Transformative Journey with Nurture the Borders

Amy's Story (2).png
Healing After Trauma

Amy's Story of Overcoming Birth Trauma

Leanne’s Journey.png
Leanne's Journey

From Postnatal Depression to Joyful Motherhood

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