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Leanne's Story

Leanne's Journey: From Postnatal Depression to Joyful Motherhood


After my baby was born, I struggled with postnatal depression. Instead of feeling happy, I felt very sad, anxious, and disconnected from my baby.

Seeking Help

I was referred to Nurture the Borders, and my initial assessment showed how much I was struggling. My Warwick Edinburgh Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Score (WEMWBS) was 24, and I rated my bond with my baby very low. I needed a lot of support to get through this tough time.

The Path to Recovery

Support from a Perinatal Support Officer (PSO):
My journey began with help from my perinatal support officer (PSO). She visited me at home regularly, giving practical advice and emotional support. Her presence and understanding made me feel less alone and more hopeful.

Therapy Sessions:
Therapy was very important in my recovery. The sessions gave me a safe space to talk about my feelings and learn ways to manage my depression and anxiety. Gradually, I started to feel better.

Video Interactive Guidance (VIG):
Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) was another key part of my support. With VIG, I could watch and reflect on positive interactions with my baby. This helped me feel more confident as a mother and strengthened the bond with my baby.

Baby Massage Classes:
Baby massage classes were a wonderful experience. They taught me how to soothe and bond with my baby through gentle touch. These classes not only helped my baby but also gave me a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Transformation and Healing

The support from Nurture the Borders made a huge difference. The combination of help from my PSO, therapy, VIG, and baby massage classes helped me overcome postnatal depression and feel more confident as a mother. By the end of the support, my WEMWBS score had improved to 48, and my bond with my baby was much stronger.

Ongoing Support

After my initial recovery, I continued to get support from Nurture the Borders by joining the Wrigglers Peer Support Group. Here, I met other mums who understood what I was going through. These sessions provided reassurance and helped me build lasting friendships.

Nurture the Borders not only helped me beat postnatal depression but also helped me enjoy being a mother. Today, I am a happier and more confident mum, thanks to their incredible support.

"The support from Nurture the Borders changed my life. The visits from my PSO, the therapy sessions, and the VIG and baby massage classes all helped me overcome postnatal depression. Seeing the positive interactions with my baby through VIG boosted my confidence, and the baby massage classes helped us bond. Nurture the Borders brought happiness back into my life, and I am very grateful. My Warwick score improved from 24 to 48, and my bond with my baby is now very strong."

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