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Our Story

Nurture the Borders Story

Founded in 2015 by a dedicated group of local mothers, Nurture the Borders (NTB) emerged from personal and professional experiences recognising the significant challenges  many parents face in the Scottish Borders during the perinatal period. Driven by the belief that no parent should navigate these difficulties alone, NTB was established to fill gaps in service provision and offer critical support to women and their families. Over the years, we have grown from a small startup into a well-established, award-winning charity that has achieved national recognition for our impactful work in perinatal mental health. We are proud to be supporting over 200 mothers, their babies and families every year here in the Scottish Borders through our broad range of services which have been shaped and developed by the families we support.

Our Mission

The heart of NTB's mission lies in the lived experiences of parents and  the profound understanding of the transformative journey of parenthood. This understanding guides NTB's commitment to providing comprehensive support, information, education, and advocacy to empower both mothers and fathers on their parenting journey. We also recognise the crucial needs of babies during this period and strive to support their healthy emotional development alongside the well-being of their parents and families.

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