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Nurture the Borders was founded in 2015 by a group of other local mums, who through their own lived and professional experience, recognised the challenges that many women and families face in the perinatal period. 

Nurture the Borders was created to provide support to women and families during this time and to address gaps in service provision so that no woman would face these difficulties alone.

Everything we work to do is rooted in the experiences of women who know what it's like to experience the challenges of becoming a mum.That includes the women who access our services, our incredible supporters, champions, volunteers, staff and board members.


Their experience and dedication brings our work to life and shapes our whole purpose.We provide much needed support, information, education and advocacy to women who are experiencing challenges within pregnancy and as they become a mum so that they can become the kind of mum and woman they wish to be and access the support and things they need to do this.

Holding Hands
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