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Amy's Story

Overcoming Birth Trauma: Healing Path with Nurture the Borders


My journey into motherhood was anything but easy. My first birth was a nightmare—I hemorrhaged, ended up in intensive care, and was separated from my baby, who needed special care in the SCBU . This traumatic experience left me with deep emotional scars, high anxiety, and a constant fear of childbirth.

When I found out I was pregnant again, my past trauma came rushing back. I started having frequent panic attacks and struggled to connect with my pregnancy. Every medical appointment was a source of terror, and I was convinced that something terrible would happen to me or my baby during childbirth.

Seeking Help

I was referred to Nurture the Borders, and that’s where my healing journey began. My initial assessment showed just how much I was struggling: my Warwick Edinburgh Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Score (WEMWBS) was 27, and my Subject Units of Distress Score (SUDS) related to my previous birth was a 10—the highest it could be.

The Turning Point

Therapy Sessions:
My perinatal support officer (PSO) arranged for me to see a psychotherapist who specialised in perinatal mental health and trauma. These therapy sessions were a game-changer. The therapist helped me process the trauma from my first birth and taught me techniques to manage my anxiety. Over time, my SUDS score dropped from 10 to 4, and I began to feel more in control of my emotions.

Nurture Birth-Wise Course:
Next, I joined a six-week Nurture Birth-Wise course. This course was incredible—it taught me so much about childbirth, my choices, and how to manage the entire process. For the first time in years, I experienced true relaxation during the guided sessions. I also connected with other expectant mums, which made a huge difference. Knowing that others shared my worries made me feel less alone and more normal.

Doula Support:
My partner and I decided to have a Nurture Doula support us during the birth. The Doula, trained in trauma support, was amazing. We worked together to prepare for the birth, and Nurture the Borders helped put a special birth plan in place with the midwifery team. This planning significantly eased my worries.

A Beautiful Birth

The birth of my second child was a beautiful, healing experience, thanks to the support of my Doula. She helped me establish breastfeeding and provided essential postpartum support. A few weeks after the birth, my WEMWBS score had risen to 51, and my anxiety had disappeared.

Continuing Support

I continued to attend the Nurture and Nourish Peer Support Group, where I reconnected with friends from the antenatal class. These sessions were a joy, and I no longer needed one-on-one support. My maternity leave was magical this time around, filled with moments of happiness and peace.

My Testimonial:

"I've loved maternity leave; it's been so, so much better this time around. I couldn't have wished for better support. Nurture the Borders helped me replace my fear with a sense of peace and confidence, and I am forever grateful for the beautiful and healing birth experience they enabled me to have."

My journey with Nurture the Borders transformed my fear into confidence, and I now cherish the joys of motherhood with a heart full of gratitude.

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