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Video Interactive Guidance

What is Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)?

VIG is a really positive approach that uses video to help you understand and improve communication, building happy, healthy and trusting relationships. It can help you recognise your strengths, and discover new skills, by helping you do more of the things you are doing well.

How Will VIG Help Me?

  • It can help you better relate to your child

  • It can support you to develop a stronger bond with your baby

  • It can help build your confidence as a parent.

  • It will highlight the strengths that you already have; you may not even be aware of them.

  • It will help you to build on these strengths.

  • When you see yourself communicating well it can be a very motivating experience.

  • The VIG process will provide you with an understanding of communication that can be used in any interaction.

How Does It Work?

First the person working with you (your VIG guider) meets with you to agree how you will work together.

A short video clip is taken by the guider(of about ten minutes) of you and your child doing something you both enjoy.

Your VIG guider looks at the video, and edits the film into very short clips, that show positive moments..

Your guider and you then look at the selection of short clips together, in a ‘Shared Review’, discussing what you think about the clips, sharing ideas and making plans for the next film. Generally families need about 3 films and reviews to start making some useful changes, but you can ask for more sessions, or stop after just one.

Why is VIG so effective?

VIG ONLY looks at things you are doing well - so feels very supportive not critical. We are committed to supporting you in the challenges you are facing, and we know that you are doing your best. We want to help you see for yourself the lovely interactions that you have and help you to improve your confidence as a parent.

I've found VIG really helpful, its really helped change my mindset. I was so full of self loathing before the sessions because I didn't think I had a bond with my baby and I felt I was doing everything wrong. Being able to look at the clips and see that we were having lovely moments together, we did have a connection and that these moments were there all the time was a real "eye opener". I feel much better about things now and I find myself looking for the positive moments rather than beating myself all the time.

Video Interactive Guidance
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