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Perinatal Trauma Recovery Support

Was your birth difficult or perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event/s in pregnancy, or during the postnatal period that have left you with difficult emotions and feelings?

We offer Perinatal Trauma Recovery Therapy. Our experienced therapists will gently work with you taking an evidence based, person centred approach to support you to recover from and process what has happened.

What is Perinatal Trauma

Have you experienced an event, multiple events or a period of time that has really negatively impacted your mental health? Are you experiencing:

  • Heightened levels of anxiety and worry Hyper-vigilance/ can't switch off

  • Not feeling a bond with your baby

  • Worrying a lot about your baby's (or other family members) safety and wellbeing

  • Relationship problems with your partner/family

  • Inability to cope day-to-day

  • Postnatal depression/anxiety/PTSD

  • Flashbacks

  • Numbness

  • Disassociation

  • Inability to sleep

  • Restlessness

  • Not wanting to have another baby

  • Don’t want to have any sexual relationship

  • Re-experiencing the difficult emotions or feelings of the event even though it is over

This list is not exhaustive but if you’re experiencing any of these thoughts or feelings, it could be that you have experienced birth or perinatal trauma.

Who Can benefit from Trauma Therapy?

Therapy is effective in helping you to recover if you have had a traumatic experience or multiple traumatic experiences during pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period. Traumatic events are unique to everyone but could come from: Birth, miscarriage/baby loss, IVF/fertility journey, breastfeeding/feeding, hyperemisis (pregnancy sickness), postnatal events, neonatal unit, your baby becoming poorly, chocking baby and more.

My Nurture the Borders Trauma Therapist has actually changed my life. As cliché as it sounds, before I met with her I couldn't do mundane things and my anxiety and trauma had taken over and therefore taken away my precious early weeks with my baby. Since completing the birth trauma therapy I am a whole new person and feel so much better, lighter and more connected with my baby. I couldn't see past the day whereas now I can make big exciting plans for the future with my baby boy and partner. My Therapist has given me back the opportunity to bond with my baby and enjoy motherhood. I can't thank her enough.

Perinatal Trauma Recovery Support
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