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One to One - Perinatal Mental Health Support Officer Support

As a parent entering our service you will be assigned their own Perinatal Mental Health Support Officer (PSO). Your PSO will take time to get to know you and your situation and will work together with you to look at how we can best support you and will work with you to develop a support plan.

Our PSO's support parents in many ways including providing emotional and practical support, support to access services we offer in Nurture, support to access external services, advocacy in meetings and appointments to help your voice be heard, signposting to other orgainsations which can help and support you, pscyo-education and mentoring.

Our team of professional Perinatal Mental Health Support Officers bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and training to enable them to support you during the perinatal period.

All our PSO's are parents themselves with a deep understanding of the challenges the perinatal period can bring, they bring this understanding and sen many benefits of peer support and lived experience to their roles.

My PSO has helps me in so many ways, I cant find the words to fully explain how her support has helped me. She has helped me build confidence in myself, she supported and empowered me to make my own mind up and make my own decisons for myself and my baby without other influences. I am able to enjoy little things that I couldn’t before. She has made me feel like I am able to say I’m a good mum! I wasn’t sure before.
I found it easy to open up and talk to her about what was stressing me out when I haven’t been able to before. She encouraged me to get the help I really needed and I’m so grateful.
Having home visits really helped me because it’s my safe place and I feel like it really helped me open up.

One to One - Perinatal Mental Health Support Officer  Support
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