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Birth-Wise Antenatal Classes

Nurture Birth-Wise is a relaxing and friendly six week antenatal course designed to support women and birthing people to prepare for their birth, build confidence, enjoy their pregnancy and make friends.

During the course we will explore:

- Antenatal education to build confidence and understanding of the birth process.

- Active birth education to help you understand how to use positions and movement to ease you through a more comfortable birth.

- Comfort measures, birth props and pain relief options.

- Interventions and assistance in labour and birth to inform your choice.

- Breathing, relaxation, hypnobirthing & self-care techniques - a powerful toolkit to support your birth journey.

- Meeting your baby, early choices and practical skills.

The classes are lovely and relaxing and provide a chance to have some special time set aside each week for you and your baby whilst making friends.

Key Details:

- 6 week course

- The course is best suited from around 28 weeks of pregnancy onwards (we recommend choosing a course that ends before you reach 38 weeks of pregnancy to give yourself the best chance of completing it)

- This course is supportive of all birth journeys and choices

- The course is suitable for all expectant women no matter if this is your first or fifth baby, it's still important to prepare for your birth

- This course qualifies as part of your antenatal care, which means you are legally entitled to paid time off work to attend

- Classes are taught by a FEDANT accredited antenatal teacher and doula

I have loved every single class! The teacher is so knowledgeable and supportive, I learned loads and they really help me feel more confident about my birth.

Birth-Wise Antenatal Classes
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