#featurefriday - Natalie - Volunteer Doula

September 21, 2018

Today's #featurefriday comes from Natalie, one of our Volunteer Mum Befrienders who is now training to be a Volunteer Doula. Natalie is a busy mum of three, and has been volunteering with Nurture for over a year! We are so grateful to her for her ongoing support! Here's what she has to say about the opportunity to train as a Doula...


When the opportunity to train to be a doula came up through Nurture I jumped at the chance! I’ve always been interested in labour, birth and babies and after having three babies of my own the labour process fascinated me.


I was keen to do the training as after my own experiences I couldn’t even begin to understand how it would feel to have that experience without someone there to support you. Labour is the most difficult, painful- both emotionally and physically and yet overwhelming wonderful experience and to face that without a support you can rely on must be utterly terrifying.


The training was fantastic- and despite having had three babies; the youngest was born in May this year, I learned so much- I wish I had done the training before birth!


To be in a position to be able to support someone else to have a positive birth feels very exciting and I also feel very privileged to have this opportunity. If I can do anything to help a mum have a more positive birth and start to her journey with her baby then I would love to!




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