#featurefriday Board Member & Operations Coordinator - Kirsty

This week for #featurefriday we would like to introduce you to one of our Board Members and our Operations Coordinator Kirsty! Kirsty, like Sharon & Rosie, has been around since the beginning of the board, however this year also joined as Operations Coordinator. We asked Kirsty why she wanted to become involved with Nurture, and to share some fun facts!

I knew Rosie as I had attended what was then known as Lazy Daisy classes when I was pregnant with my first child. Rosie was beyond supportive throughout every aspect of my pregnancy, and I couldn't thank her enough. I then attended Daisy Baby with Rosie and my little girl Avalon, and couldn't get enough of it so I trained with Rosie to deliver the 'Tinies' & 'Wrigglers' classes while on my first maternity leave. While I loved teaching the classes, I felt that through the class model we weren't able to support the mums who really needed it. When I was pregnant with my second child Rosie asked me to join the Board of Nurture the Borders and I jumped at the chance!

I knew Nurture the Borders was such a needed service in the Borders, and it was exciting to be involved with something from the ground up! Fast forward a few years and we have grown beyond imagination, with big aspirations to go further. Again Rosie approached me and asked if I would be able to take on some hours in an organisational capacity, and to Chair the Board. Taking on the Operations Coordinator role has allowed me to do all of the behind the scenes organisation, marketing, social media, volunteer management, website... and so much more, so Rosie and the team can focus on supporting the mums.

I love my current role, and look forward to Nurture growing over the next few years!

Bio : I am a mum of two children, Avalon who is 5, and Angus who is 2. I'm also a stepmum to Morgan who is 15. I am a Teacher currently working int he central Early Years Team at Scottish Border Council. My passion lies in the Early Years, and I also sit on the Board of Tweedbank Early Learners,

Happiest Memory : Either lifting Angus from the water at our Home Birth, or Ava meeting Angus for the first time!

Funniest mum Moment : Trying to squeeze 21lb Angus into a size 2 nappy when I forgot ours 🙈

Treat: A night of wine and dancing with friends, or a date night with the husband!

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