#featurefriday Board Member & Perinatal Support Officer - Sharon

This week for #featurefriday we would ike to introduce you to one of our Board Members and Perinatal Support Officers Sharon! Sharon has been around since the beginning of the board, and this year joined us as a Perinatal Support Officer. We asked Sharon why she wanted to become involved with Nurture, and to share some fun facts!

I've been on the board since the company began and was approached by Rosie to join. I was immediately interested and said yes. I was very fortunate to have good support during pregnancy and when both my children arrived, but it is a huge adjustment for any new mum and I really wanted to support other mums who needed some additional support.

I also had some trouble feeding and looked to Rosie for support as I knew her as a friend, and through attending Daisy Birthing classes with her. I realised that we really do need more services in the Borders to supoort women after birth.

Nurture the Borders just seemed like a brilliant company to be involved with. We have really developed what we do and I've really enjoyed being part of such a brilliant organisation.

I have since taken on a role within the organisation as a Perinatal Support Officer. We initially employed 2 Perinatal Support Officers for the Cherish Project, both of which are amazing at what they do, so good infact that referrals really increased and we needed to take on an additional person!

It was at this point I decided I would like to take a role within the company. I have seen the role evolve since the organisation started and I am really proud of what we offer as a service so I really wanted to be more involved.

The joy I get out of the job is to see the women we support really thrive emotionally and not just deal with all the stresses that come with being a parent, but enjoy being a parent. It really is just so special and all our mums are amazing strong women that teach me something every day!

Bio : I am a mum of two young children with experience fo working with children and infants, vulnerable young people and adults.

Happiest Memory : Having Alexa (my little girl) as our flower girl, she was super cute, walked down aisle perfectly and stole the show, super cute and I was so proud!

Funniest mum Moment : My child shat on me as we were about to get on a ferry in Ireland, impeccable timing... Not so funny for me but very embarrassing and hilarious to everyone else!

Treat : Being able to have a bath myself with no interruptions and a glass of prosecco... Bliss!!!!

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