#featurefriday Board Member - Louise

This week for #featurefriday we would ike to introduce you to one of our Board Members Louise! Louise has recently joined the Nurture the Borders team, and we look forward to using her knowledge and skills as a midwife to support mums in the Borders! We asked Louise why she wanted to become involved with Nurture, and to share some fun facts!

I first learned about Nurture the Borders when it was in its early stages of development and have followed it’s progress at every stage. I am very passionate about the perinatal period and its great to be part of such an enthusiastic team with the same outlook. The range of support that can be provided and the knowledge and commitment of the Team is fantastic and I am delighted to have become a board member.

Bio : I am a mum of two young children and lucky to be working in my dream job as a midwife.

Happiest Memory : The birth of both my children. Such an amazing experience meeting these two little people that we created and becoming a mummy.

Funniest mum Moment : When my poor daughter got mixed up counting down the days to Christmas last year. At 4 years old she confidently took herself to the living room on Christmas eve morning and woke us all up screaming at 5am that Santa had forgotten her. Once we explained she was just a day early and sure he would come tonight she thought it was really funny.

Treat : I love a good family day out or 1:1 time with my children. As any parent will appreciate a little date night or catch up with friend's child free is lovely occasionally too.

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