#featurefriday Board Member - Claire

This week for #featurefriday we would ike to introduce you to one of our Board Members Claire! Claire has recently joined the Nurture the Borders team, and we look forward together to support mums in the Borders! We asked Claire why she wanted to become involved with Nurture, and some fun facts!

I first learned about Nurture the Borders earlier this year when there was a pop-up shop in Selkirk that my friend and I went along to with our new babies. I enjoyed hearing all about the organisation and liked that they were putting an emphasis on maternal wellbeing and reminding new mums how important it is to look after themselves too.

After learning a bit more about Nurture the Borders, I got in touch to say that I'd like to volunteer with them, as I thought that they were providing a fantastic service and I wanted to be able to help them to reach as many new and expectant mums as possible.

I've since joined them as a board member and really hope that I will be able to help them to continue providing their amazing service.

Bio: I am a mum to two little girls; a toddler and a baby. When I'm not on maternity leave, I work as a scientist.

Happiest memory: Watching my 2 year old running mad around the kitchen, dancing and singing, making my baby laugh hysterically for the first time!

Funniest mum moment: When I was driving home from picking up my toddler from nursery one day and she asked me "Are you driving, mummy pig?" Eh, when did we start calling me mummy pig???

Treat: Probably the rare occasion where I get to sleep through the night uninterrupted! Or getting to sit and watch a whole film with a nice glass or two of wine!

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