#featurefriday - Leanne & The Jolly Joggers

This weeks #featurefirday comes from Leanne who has been an active volunteer befriender with Nurture The Borders since the beginning! Leanne is a mum of two, a childminder and has a keen interest in running. Leanne has set up The Jolly Joggers - a mums only Jog Scotland accredited running group who meet on a Thursday night in Tweedbank, for both service users and any mum who would like to come along! It's a wonderful, welcoming and safe group and many mums have come along and made it through to week 10 - building up to running for longer and longer periods of time. Leanne her self struggled with her mental wellbeing after having her two babies, and found running an effective way to feel like herself again and get some me time. Exercise is a valuable preventative and treatment method for mental health in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond and research has shown exercise can significantly elevate mood in pregnant and postpartum women. Our bodies are truly amazing things, and looking after them can greatly improve our mental and emotional wellbeing!

"I started running in 2015. Having had 2 gorgeous boys 14 months apart, and changing my career all within a 3 year period, I just didn’t feel like me anymore, I felt lost, like a failure and felt like I no longer had a purpose. I went to the doctors several times, a few times being prescribed anti depressants and a couple of times being prescribed self help books from my local library. I became quite interested in self help, in all the books I read regular exercise was often recommended. I was so desperate to help myself, I didn’t want to rely on anyone else and hated going to the doctors so, I decided to have a go at running. Running appealed to me because I could do it alone at any time and it was free! I started following the NHS Couch to 5K program in January 2015 with the goal of running my first 5K in June 2015, which I did and have been running ever since, my greatest achievement was running a full marathon in 2017! Running is great for mums because it gives them focus, time for themselves, a chance to set and achieve goals all in which are great for mental and physical health. Setting up our own mums only jogging group - Jolly Joggers has given mums the opportunity to try running, to get out of the house for an hour and to meet new people and gives a chance to socialise with other mums."

If anyone has any enquiries about the Jolly Joggers group then please contact Leanne at leanne@nurturetheborders.com or get in touch through our Facebook page!

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