Out of the Blue!

Well it really was out of the blue that an invitation arrived to attend Best Beginnings launch of their film series "Out of the Blue" at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London.

The invitation to attend the launch of their film series which aim to help take the country to the Tipping Point where everyone knows that maternal mental health is as important as physical health, was too good to refuse!

So I set of at the crack of dawn to make my way to London, with a posher outfit than I had originally planned, having found out that HRH the duchess of Cambridge would be attending too.

The launch was incredibly motivating, uplifting and inspiring. The release of the films took place following years of collaborative work among parents, health care professionals, Royal Colleges and other health organisations.HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's speech at the Out of the Blue launch was powerful and honest and has shone a light on the mental health issues that 1 in 5 women face during pregnancy and the year after birth.

We heard from a number of top professionals all of whom emphasised the importance of supporting mothers during the perinatal period and the need for change within our society.

But for me the most powerful thing from the day was hearing the stories first hand from the women and families in the films. It is so hard to talk about or mental health, to own up when we are not okay, but I am sure their bravery and honesty will inspire many more mums to know that "It's okay to not be okay". Not only that, but, though we feel vulnerable when we aren't okay, and stepping forward and opening up to ask for help or support can feel like the scariest thing in the world, we can trust that we can safely ask for help in the knowledge we will receive support and understanding.

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