Our Structure

Nurture the Borders is a Community Interest Company (CIC) - an officially recognised company which reinvests its profits into its social aims (also known as a Social Enterprise). For more information about CIC’s please see Community Interest Companies. 


So why have we chosen to be a company rather than a charity?

Well, several reasons really – we saw that business could be done differently, with the emphasis on social aims rather than making money. We enjoy the flexibility that being a company offers, it means that we can act flexibly and innovatively. We also like that we are able to trade which helps us to generate our own income, this along with donations and grants is how we fund the projects we run to benefit mums and babies.


We have a Board of Directors -which sounds grand but which really means that we have a group of ‘critical friends’ who make sure that the Company is carrying out the projects for the benefit of our ‘stakeholders’ (Mums, babies and their families, peer supporters and the health and social care professionals we work alongside).  We have one specialist director who is a qualified antenatal and maternity professional and our other Board members bring a wide variety of skills, experience and expertise, but most importantly of all we are all mums ourselves.  We sometimes co-opt members to help us with specific issues.



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