The ultimate class for pregnancy and birth preparation

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We would love to welcome you along to our friendly relaxed women only, evening sessions! These sessions provide a wonderful combination of the best pregnancy activity combined with mind and body birth preparation.

During the sessions you will enjoy:


We will guide you through our bespoke Yoga and Pilates flow movement sequences, specifically designed to support your body through pregnancy while preparing for your birth. Sessions will leave your body feeling invigorated and help you prepare it for birth.

Pregnancy  confidence  building

Each and every pregnancy is unique and brings with it so many different emotions and feelings. Our sessions provide a wonderful opportunity to understand and explore experiences together, in a relaxed and supportive environment. You will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and chat with our knowledgeable class leader and other women within the group. 

Birth  preparation

Birth can be a pretty daunting prospect whether its your first or fifth baby - we fully believe that taking the time to prepare for your upcoming birth makes the world of difference. These sessions are designed to build your confidence, knowledge and understanding of the birth process and how to work with your body and baby. Our sessions provide antenatal , active birth, and hypno-birthing education to support you as you prepare for your birth. We aim to empower you with the knowledge, skills and techniques  to have a more positive birth experience which ever way you give birth.


Relaxation is so valuable and important in pregnancy and birth for both you and your baby's well-being. Our sessions provide a dedicated time to become deeply relax each week. We will teach you breathing and relaxation techniques to use throughout your pregnancy and will support you to understand how to use these techniques during birth.

Nurture Birthing Sessions Essentials

We book sessions in blocks of six weeks.

Sessions last at least 1hr and 30mins (often a little longer)

A six week block of sessions costs £66.00.



"I loved my birthing classes with Rosie so much and found them so useful with my first pregnancy and birth. As soon as I knew I was pregnant again I couldn't wait to sign up! The sessions are the highlight of my week and I recommend them to every pregnant woman I meet!"        Caroline

Class FAQ's

When Should I start?

This is really down to you and what feels right.  You are welcome to book on to your first block of sessions from 14 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Classes are suitable from this time right up to birth and you can do as many blocks as you like throughout your pregnancy.

We have lots of mums who start at around 14 weeks (especially mums who have attended sessions during previous  pregnancies and want to fit in as many blocks as possible before birth). We would say most first time mums start at around 18/20 weeks but we also have mums starting at 32 weeks . There is no right or wrong - just what works for you!


Who are classes for? 

Our sessions are suitable, beneficial and welcoming to all mums and all abilities! 


I am having a slightly more complicated pregnancy can I still attend? 

Classes are designed to support you and your pregnancy and we are able to adjust our sessions to meet many different needs and ability meaning that we can accommodate most mums. However if you are experiencing difficulties during your pregnancy it is important that you make us aware of this so we can tailor our sessions to your needs and on occasions we may need to seek guidance from your doctor to ensure that we are able to fully meet your needs.


Session Leader

Meet your Class Teacher

Rosie is a mum of three, and founder of Nurture the Borders. She is a passionate supporter women especially mums. She has supported over a thousand mums in the Scottish Borders on their journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

Her Qualifications include:

FEDANT Antenatal Educator

FEDANT Birth Doula

Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Advance Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner (Level 2)

OCN Level three Breast Feeding and Infant Nutrition Adviser

OCN Level three Gentle Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Solihul Approach Trainer

Certified Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner

Gestalt Breast Feeding Practitioner

Postnatal recovery and movement course leader

Baby massage and yoga teacher

It's fair to say you will be in good hands!

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