Nurture Baby



Suitable for babies from four weeks to five months at the start of the course.

These wonderful sessions have been perfectly designed to nurture you and your baby.

Join us in our friendly baby led environment where we will guide you through the perfect combination of soothing baby massage, gentle reflexology, soft stretch baby yoga, reassuring parenting skills, essential baby first aid and captivating sensory experiences. 

Nurture Baby Classes are the perfect class to support you and your baby during the early weeks and months as you get to know each other.  Your baby is adjusting from life in the womb to the very different life in the big wide world as you adjust to your new life as mum to this brand new little person.  Its a time of huge transition for you both and these sessions are designed to support and nurture you through this time.

You will be welcomed into our cosy baby studio, with comfy mats, soft cushions and beautiful music gently playing. Here over the course of six weeks we will guide you through our unique sessions where you will enjoy:


Soothing Baby Massage 

Using the most up to date evidence based methods, we will teach you the wonderful art of baby massage. Each week we will focus on a different area of your baby's body as we gently guide you how to safely massage your baby to support their delicate developing body. These wonderful techniques will help you to soothe and settle your baby while aiding bonding and relaxation for you both.

Gentle Baby Reflexology

Babies are especially responsive to reflexology which is extremely helpful in alleviating range of common baby issues such as constipation, cry-fussing, stiff neck and settling difficulties. During the course we will teach you six reflexology essentials to support your baby - techniques you can use with the whole family!

Soft Stretch Baby Yoga

We will work through some gentle early baby yoga movements to support your baby as their body gently uncurls from the womb. Our movements support muscle development,balance and tone, and will aid relaxation, spacial awareness and balance not to mention supporting your baby to develop their vestibular and proprioceptive systems!

Reassuring Parenting, hints, tips and skills

Guided by class discussion and any questions or concerns that may arise, our fully qualified and experienced Perinatal course leaders will provided evidence based information, latest guidelines, hints tips and skills to support you on your journey into motherhood. From feeding to sleep to newborn behaviour and postnatal you - the support is endless.

Essential Baby First Aid

Designed and led by our perinatal support officer Julie who has many years of experience as a Neonatal Unit Matron. Session five in the course will focus on essential first aid - providing you with vital knowledge and skills including infant CPR, Choking, Burns and what to do if you think your baby might be poorly - a real confidence boosting session!

Early Sensory Play

Each week we have a social time, a chance for your baby and you to explore a sensory activity along side other babies and mums. It's our early play time and varies each week. Themes include bubbles, twinkle twinkle little star and rainbows.

Relaxation, a Warm Cuppa and Peer Support

We finish the session with a little relaxation for you, followed by our lovely mum space where you can enjoy a warm cuppa, a well earned slice of cake or a biscuit and a chance to chat with other mums or simply sit back and enjoy a cuddle with your baby.

Nurture Baby Class Essentials

Classes are suitable for mums and babies from around 4 weeks until  5 months at the start of the course.

A course of six  sessions costs  £42.00

(Including a special bottle of baby massage oil, course handouts, refreshments and a completion Certificate) 

By choosing this course you will be supporting other local mums and babies as All our profits go into providing free support and education 

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