Prepare together as a team for your birth

Are you and your partner prepared for birth? Do you want to learn about birth together so you both understand how your body is working and your partner can know how best to support and encouraging you.


This a one-off session for you to attend with your birth partner (whoever that is). Every birthing Mum needs the right support during their labour and it is essential that your birth partner is as well-informed as you are. Our workshop will ensure that birth partners know what they can do to be as supportive as possible on the big day. 

During the workshop we cover

  • Understanding how the body is equipped to give birth

  • The three stages of labour, what happens during each stage and how the birth partner can support mum through the process

  • The role of hormones within birth and how they can help or hinder the process

  • The birthing environment - from water to hospital or home understanding your option

  • How to use movement and gravity to aid the birth process

  • Medical induction and interventions

  • Comfort measures and pain relief options

  • Massage, touch and relaxation techniques for labour

  • What to pack in your hospital bags

  • Breathing techniques and how to use them during the different stages of labour

  • The first moments with your baby and the benefits of the "Golden Hour"

What we wont do!

  • We will not make you play team building games

  • We will not make you split into male/female groups – you have come to spend time preparing with your partner!

  • We will not make you swap personal information with the people sitting on the chair next door.

  • We will not show you videos of a baby’s head crowning or obstetric equipment – we are not here to train you to become a midwife!

  • This workshop is designed to be embarrassment free!

Nurture Essential Birth Preparation Workshop

  • The workshop is 4 hours long and we run them every six weeks

  • This workshop is suitable for all pregnant women and their birth partner - it doesn't matter whether it's your first or fifth baby we believe all birth should be prepared for.

  • The workshop is suitable from 26 weeks of pregnancy onwards

  • The workshop costs £80.00.



"The workshop was great - packed with so much info and practical tips. I feel much more prepared and it's great to know how I can support Katie in labour! I would really recommend it to other dads"        Craig


Session Leader

Meet your Class Teacher

Rosie is a mum of three, and founder of Nurture the Borders. She is a passionate supporter women especially mums. She has supported over a thousand mums in the Scottish Borders on their journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

Her Qualifications include:

FEDANT Antenatal Educator

FEDANT Birth Doula

Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner

Advance Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner (Level 2)

OCN Level three Breast Feeding and Infant Nutrition Adviser

OCN Level three Gentle Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

Solihul Approach Trainer

Certified Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner

Gestalt Breast Feeding Practitioner

Postnatal recovery and movement course leader

Baby massage and yoga teacher

It's fair to say you will be in good hands!

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