Birth Pool Hire

Our birth pool hiring scheme aims to make accessing a birth pool for your home birth an affordable option for all women in the Scottish Borders.

We recognise the benefits of water in birth and firmly believe that all women should have the option to labour and birth in water if they choose to. Likewise more and more women are choosing to give birth at home as this too, is gaining recognition as a a safe option for most women with  many benefits for for mum and baby.


However if you choose to give birth at home, a birth pool can be a big expense at a time when you have a lot of other outgoings. Our birth pool scheme aims to offer more mums an affordable and environmentally friendly way to access a birth pool for their home birth locally in the Scottish Borders.

Why use a birth pool in labour and birth?

Water birth is essentially as simple as it sounds. A woman labours and gives birth while in a pool filled with warm water. Some women choose to labour in water, but not actually birth in the water. Labouring in water has the same benefits as a waterbirth, up until the second stage (the pushing stage). 

Research and women themselves tell us that there are many benefits associated with water birth including:

  • Pain relief

  • Relaxation

  • Buoyancy helps women to feel lighter

  • Facilitates easier position changes

  • Helps reduce stress hormones that increase pain

  • Immersion in water can help reduce anxiety related hypertension

  • Reduced risk of episiotomy and tearing

  • Can facilitate the fetal ejection reflex rather than interfere with it

  • Encourages relaxation of the pelvic floor

  • Reduces inhibition and anxiety by creating a feeling of privacy allowing a mother to better listen to her natural birthing instincts and work with her body

  • Encourages a gentler arrival and transition for baby

  • By facilitating movement, privacy, and emotional and physical relaxation it can reduce the length of labour by encouraging the release of labour hormones

  • Reduces the risk of interventions such as synthetic oxytocin (Syntocinon), epidural and assisted birth 

Enquire Now

**Please note pools need to be collected from, and returned to Selkirk, Scottish Borders.**

Borrowing A Pool

  • We have two sizes available (regular and mini). The size you choose will depend on space available at home, and what we have available at that time;

  • The hire period is 6 weeks, but if you need it for longer, just let us know;

  • As we only have a few pools we can’t guarantee there will always be one available, so we recommend reserving your pool early to avoid disappointment

  • We ask for a contribution of £35 per hire, as this helps us cover the cost of cleaning and maintenance. If this would prevent you from hiring a pool just let us know, we can arrange a payment plan and may be able to waive fees for families on low incomes;

  • The pool comes with an electric inflate/deflate pump & a submersible water emptying pump.

  • You MUST purchase and use your own pool liner (we will give you details at the time of booking). 

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