Befriending, Mentoring & Other Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Mum Befriender

Would you like to support other mums through pregnancy and in the early months with their new babies?

  • Are you a mum yourself (it doesn't matter how grown up your children are)?

  • Are you able to regularly give an hour or two of your time?

  • Do you have a caring, empathetic nature and are you a good listener?

  • Are you non judgmental and reliable?

  • Perhaps you have other skills and talents too, which could help our organisation and the families we support?

Organisational Volunteer

We are also looking for people to volunteer their skills and talents which might benefit our organisation.


 Are you a therapist, councillor or an event organiser? Could you offer babysitting or teach a craft? Perhaps you are a good bookkeeper or are a whizz at at organising a coffee morning! 


If you think you have something of benefit you could offer our organisation – we would love to hear from you!

Supported by:

At Nurture the Borders we know the contribution our volunteers give can make a huge difference to the lives of the families we work with and are key to being able to achieve our aims.


We aim to provide fulfilling supportive volunteering opportunities which are equally rewarding and mutually beneficial for our volunteers. Volunteers can help us in the following ways:

  • As Directors on our Board, providing invaluable advice and guidance on how Nurture the Borders should be governed and planning the strategic direction of the Organisation

  • As Volunteer Mum Befrienders, providing a lifeline to a mother experiencing difficulties during pregnancy and the first year of her child’s life,

  • As Organisation Volunteers, providing an array of support including administrative help, helping with marketing, fundraising providing an extra pair of hands at group session and where qualified, providing counselling and other therapeutic support. 

Our volunteers are key to the support we deliver. If you would like to know more and get involved have a look at the opportunities above or get in touch directly -




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