These classes offer a unique all inclusive ‘Active Antenatal ‘ method.  Each session includes antenatal and active birth education, yoga based movement, breathing techniques, relaxation and birth hypnosis- making daisy birthing a ground breaking, all encompassing class.


Sessions are relaxed, supportive and fun, and a great way to make friends and build a social network to support you through the early days of parenthood.  Courses are suitable and beneficial whether this is your first baby or your fith.

The Essentials

Classes can be started from 14 weeks of pregnancy and are taught over a six-week term. Women can do as many terms as they wish until baby is born which not only help you to relax, ease your body through pregnancy and make friends, but importantly to develop advanced muscle memory so that the techniques become inherent during labour. 


Each class will deliver:

  • Traditional antenatal education

  • Active birth awareness

  • An easy way to understand medical induction and interventions

  • Flowing yoga based movement sequences anchored to your body and breath

  • Breathing techniques for every stage of labour.

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Peer-to-peer support in a women only class

Classes are supportive of all birth choices and are adapted to suit (and in many cases help with) most pregnancy conditions and ailments.

A term of 5 weekly 1hr 30min sessions costs :£55

Are you experiencing difficulties which are affecting your mental or emotional well-being?


You will find Daisy Birthing classes really beneficial and they are just one of the ways we can support you through the Cherish Project which provides free support to mums like you.  

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